Boosting your business’s brand with a mobile app

Most people now own a smartphone and these mobile devices are used seemingly continuously for information, entertainment and commerce. And with mobile apps continuing to grow in popularity, Huddersfield based companies are taking note – and considering how app development can help boost their businesses in terms of revenue generation, systems efficiency and also brand awareness.

According to a recent industry study researchers report found that 77 percent of respondents expected companies to respond quickly with information about brand issues via social media, but only 40 percent said they would expect such updates from those same brands through mobile apps or websites. With this gap in mind, many marketers are working with app developers to develop branded apps for smartphones and tablets as a way to connect with consumers.

“Branded apps are not just a way to drive potential customers to your website,” says the CEO of Bynder, “They can also be used as a powerful brand-building tool.”

Customers using branded apps for business purposes told they appreciated companies providing them with special offers (55 percent), coupons (54 percent) and exclusive content (51 percent). These results suggest that an appealing mobile app may help brands communicate more effectively with their customers while boosting overall brand loyalty.

Every year we work with our clients to produce web applications and mobile apps to positively impact the performance of their businesses, whether this be though online sales, operational efficiency or through better brand promotion and customer engagement. Contact Huddersfield Apps if you want to boosting your business’s brand with a mobile app.