We spend our time on the move; sometimes without even wanting to be on the move. Our lives dictate that we are always on the go and nowadays technology plays as much a part of that as anything else.

With the advent of mobile technology our lives have become much freer.  We no longer have to remain tied to our desks and offices, we can be on the go all day every day if we want, confident in the knowledge that we can pick up our emails almost anywhere on our smartphones or tablets.

In fact when you think about it our lives have actually expanded and contracted in equal measures.  So many of us hate shopping so why go through the physical chore of doing it when you can sit at home, on the bus, at your desk at lunchtime – wherever, whenever – and order your weekly grocery shop.  So there’s one less place to go.  The good old-fashioned video library has gone now too.  You can download your favourite film from one of many rental sites without leaving the comfort of your armchair.  You can even order a takeaway meal to go with your movie and never have to do anything more strenuous than collect it from the delivery person at the door.

Business is moving in a similar way too.  You can carry out business transactions anywhere pretty much. Pay bills, order goods, check your accounts receivable, and use your bespoke software package to figure out who was this month’s best customer so you can send them a ‘Thank You’ mail.

We pride ourselves here at on being part of this new and exciting revolution; the revolution that makes business easier and home life more rewarding.   Our development teams spend their days doing the hard work to make sure you don’t have to!  It sounds cheesy but it’s true.

We take your brainwave and turn it into a technological reality, making it easier for you to operate your business from wherever you happen to be and also making it easier for your clients to do business with you, from wherever they happen to be.  It’s a meeting of minds.

If you’ve got an idea as to how to increase your business’ productivity and sales output whilst reducing the stress levels of your clients why not talk to us and see if we can take that light bulb moment and illuminate it on a larger scale – you’ll be surprised at what we can come up with.